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CTS follow agile process to allow flexibility and iterative delivery of project modules. This approach allow for a fast ramp-up or ramp-down of resources to align the project timeline ensuring in time on budget project completion. We create cost effective solution based on technical expertise to develop the ultimate customer satisfaction while also helping each business to achieve their unique needs.

Our Projects

Enrollment Center provides Enrollment Service

Enrollment Center

Enrollment center is where data security and speed to complete the enrollment is in lager focus. Our interactive enrollment system is so easy to use that our new customers takes about 5 minutes while our existing members take as little as 5 seconds to enroll into a new product.

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Payment Solution is a Solution for Payment

Payment Solution

With more than 200M already billed/collected and more than 50M sent to different personal/Business Bank account via our integrated payment module; we feel more than confident to take on any new challenge that our partners might have. We keep track of each step in transaction.

Billing Solutions is a Billing Service

Billing Solutions

We generate more than 20,000 user-based invoices every month and about 2,000 group-based invoices. User can manage any invoice with a click of the button. Generation and updating of invoices are automated process however we give our admin an override to manage invoices when needed.

Electronic File Transfer is File Transfer System

Electronic File Transfer

In the need of sending and receiving files with high volume with sensitive information. We go you cover. Our secure file Transfer system is end to end encrypted and include 2FA for any downloads which make our system best in world.

Ticketing Module is a Ticketing System

Ticketing Module

State of art ticketing system to make your customer success. With our ticketing system all our customer feel like they are VIP no one get left behind. With this system – we can take care of customer issues more efficiently and on pre-defined SLA.

Commission Module is to manage Commissions

Commission Module

Does your business have a need to pay your associates with incentive basis? And whatever the commission structure you have - we have got you covered. Hierarchy based commission, flat commission, percent-based commission or custom defined.

Communication Center is a Communication Service

Communication Center

The easiest way to communicate with your clients is whether you want to send it to one member or to a whole group. Email, Text Messages, Push Notifications are means we have leveraged and used it very efficiently.Pre-configurable module to support any commission structure.

EMS is a Education Management Software


We believe in giving back to the community. CTS is giving its trademark solution of Student Management Software to all Nepali Schools. Use our tools to better prepare young generation to be more competitive in the the future global market.

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